Nelson Coulter

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It's not the new building.  
It's not the slick hardware.  
It's not the powerful software.  
It's not the inspirational speeches.  
It's not the important new initiative.  
It's not the innovative process we've implemented.  
The magic is in our people.  

Whether we are successful or not, at the end of the day, depends on 
the quality, 
the learning, 
the engagement, 
the commitment, and 
the service-orientation of 
our people.

Yes, we can make magic.  But only if we understand and invest in its source.


About the Author: Dr. Coulter has coached, taught, and been published in many settings, including here. He has served in public schools of all shapes, sizes, and contexts, and at the University of Texas at Austin and Wayland Baptist University. His most cherished titles are the ones not attached to career identity: son, husband, dad, and granddad. Connect with and contact Nelson at

Originally posted at nc's Recursive Learning, 8/22/2016.

Friday, September 2, 2016