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December 15, 2016

Turn a Challenge into a Goal: A Coaching Tool for the New Year

It’s almost a new year! During my tenure as a Principal Coach, I looked forward to coming back to work after the winter break, knowing that January was a bus... Read More

July 1, 2016

How to Listen Your Way to Better Leadership

I’m not a schmoozer. It’s not in my nature to chit chat idly or drum up conversation where there is none. I have to work intentionally to connect with... Read More

June 1, 2016

Finding Joy in the Work

My husband and I took the kids to our community’s First Friday Arts Trail recently, a fun event held at multiple venues around Lubbock to see the work of loc... Read More

May 20, 2016

My Favorite Hat

Principal Coach.  I've worn quite a few hats in school leadership over the years, but this one, the Principal Coach hat, is my favorite.  For about nine years, I had the... Read More

March 31, 2016

Take My Advice-Or Not

I read a blog post by Keith Webb that resonated with me. The post centered on not being attached to the advice you give. Think about all of the times whe... Read More

January 18, 2016

Why Am I Talking?

There seems to be an unspoken rule in leadership. Somehow the leader is the one who does all the talking. Yet, as leaders, how do we foster the growth and... Read More

October 6, 2015

Meet David Manning: Coaching & Strengths Based Leadership-Still Going Strong After All These Years

From the AEL team: One of the goals of AEL is to connect educational leaders across the state and even the nation. Our blogs will occasionally feature educators who tell... Read More

June 19, 2015

Understanding the Roles of Coach, Mentor, and Supervisor

In the world of school leadership, there’s a dance we do. It’s the dance along the continuum of supervising, mentoring and coaching. This is a good thing. With our... Read More

June 19, 2015

Paraphrasing, Not Parrot Phrasing!

Instructional Coaching. Leadership Coaching. If you’ve been the “coachee” in any of these situations, you probably know what it feels like to have your coach repeat back to you what y... Read More

June 18, 2015

Effective Conferencing…

A year ago last spring I had the opportunity to attend a training that I wish I had been exposed to much earlier in my career--Cognitive Coaching-based on the work... Read More