Start with the TP!

John Hinds, Principal

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I am big on building a positive, trusting, and loving culture in my school. It hurts me when I hear of principals who are micro-managers, dictators, and/or are just focused on the scores.  I just don’t believe that hard working teachers deserve this so I try to create the type of culture that I would want to work in, and it starts with toilet paper (TP).

Most districts are very budget conscious and many items are bought in bulk, including toilet paper.  Toilet paper that is so thin that you can see through several sheets!  

That’s not okay with me so I started buying TP in bulk and putting it in the faculty restrooms. Everyone is grateful. Small expense, big response.

This is just one thing that I do to help create a positive, trusting, and loving culture, and this is probably one that is a "biggest bang for my buck". Really. It shows the staff that I care about the little AND big things that will help them enjoy their work.

I know that toilet paper doesn’t make everyone want to come to work more often or stay late but it helps!  I do many other things that build on this simple act, creating the type of culture that I want.  

What type of culture do you want?
What type of culture do you currently have?
Have you thought about it lately? 

By the way, have you asked your staff what they might want you to

keep doing,

stop doing,


start doing,

to build a positive school culture?

I encourage you to take some time and define the type of culture you want to work in and provide for your staff. And yes, it can start with the TP.


About the author-John is the principal of Encino Park Elementary in North East ISD, San Antonio, Texas.  Read his first guest post for AEL.  

Friday, February 19, 2016